Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This Math is Hard to Understand

The problem, I think is obvious. If you add up the percentages, you get 193%. This is obviously wrong, since even Rachel Maddow knows that a circle has 360%. And a pie chart is a circle. Therefore, a duck is made out of wood, just like a witch.

Thus, we all want to know about the missing 167% has gone to. That is too big to be reporting error.

Perhaps the explanation is that the source is "Opinions Dynamic." Dynamic, indeed.

(Nod to RL, who is only partly made out of wood, and even then only after a glass of wine)


Tim Mitchell said...

oh pie charts... the saddest of all charts. they float, though-- like small rocks.

John said...

And Ronald Curry knows that circles have 720 degrees.

Tom said...

The problem is only obvious because pie charts imply numbers should Add. I took a poll of my office and the numbers were these:

0% could back Palin
0% could back Romney
0% could back Huckabee

It makes an interesting pie chart, but the numbers add up even worse than Fox's.