Sunday, December 13, 2009

A boy and his flagpole

So, a kid actually did it. He put his tongue on a cold flagpole.

And it (his tongue) froze there. And the kid is dancing around, tongue-tied to the flagpole, yelling "Geh ah hung ah uf hag hole! OWWW!"

And so they called the fire department!

Because the firemen, understanding fire and its uses, would know to use WARM water. (It helps to be trained....)

Apparently, the kid was "triple dog dared" to do the tonguey thing. (For the REAL "Tonguey thing," you will need to rent "Kung Pow! Enter the Fist!")

(If you simply must see "Toungey," then it is in this trailer, the sign of being the "Chosen One"...)


the ill given bird said...

As hard to believe as this is, I think it happens more often than most people know.
I was talking to the school superintendent of my hometown, asking him how things were, and he mentioned that he had TWO kids do this in the span of a week...

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Daniel said...

Au contrer - The original tonguey thing was in "A Christmas Story."