Thursday, April 01, 2010

"The Entire Island Will Tip Over and Capsize"

I just keep watching this. WTF?

Watch the question asked at 1:20.

This should be on the Onion. Is he kidding? He must be kidding.

If he is NOT kidding, then is he perhaps worried about underpopulation? I mean, the island might well float up into the sky and block out the sun if there are too FEW people on the island. Has anyone thought about that? I mean, no one worried about global warming, right?

(Nod to Angry Alex)


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! And to think he was elected by the people to represent the district. While we should never revert to only land owners having a vote, maybe it is past time for a voter aptitude test.

How I wish there wasn't a cap on the number of reps in the House. I would love to see gridlock and the lobbying with 7K reps. It may also allow me a representative who at least shares some values of my community. Instead we have political district lines and reps who cannot identify with the majority of their constituents. I guess this is what we get with the divisive My Team/Your Team politics.

Anonymous said...

He knows the word "capsize", but not the word "narrow". Still, if he knew the word "narrow", I would prefer him to refer to the widest part of the island as the "least narrowest".

Anonymous said...

Hey, say what you will, but this is the guy who defeated Cynthia McKinney for the seat. I think we should thank him for his service!!