Sunday, May 02, 2010

The EYM Gets His Tooth Back!

A year ago, from Germany, I told the story of how the EYM, dancing on a chair, tried to break that chair with his face. An on-looker described the resulting sound of tooth fragments hitting the floor as "like someone was playing Yahtzee."

Here is the EYM recently.
Here is the EYM after the dentist performed the adatoothtome. (Three operations, total).
He looks good! Of course, being the EYM, he then promptly got a haircut, apparently from someone using a weedwhacker.


Anonymous said...

love it. its a reverse mullet...

Martin said...

Is he still human? I mean, can he bite through anything now?

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Elizabeth Cull said...

That really made a difference! And EYM looks far way better than he was before. Right now, I'm currently searching for a dentist who will be gentle enough to fix my teeth. 'Coz they are so bad and I've got a lot of oral health problems, due to my fear of dentists. My mom just told me that going to a Libertyville dentist won't hurt that much. Hhhmm. Maybe I'll take mom's advice, instead. Wish me luck!