Saturday, July 17, 2010

From the sublime to the ridiculous

Pat Riley and the Heat scored an unbelievable coup getting Wade, Bosh and James.

Adding Mike Miller was terrific and Udonis Haslem rates at least as a very good pick up.

Even Jo-el Anthony is aaight (who can doubt the ability of superman's father).

But, Zydrunas? Juwan Howard?

Holy Moly! Can you say "bottom of the barrel"?

Then it turns out, from somewhere under the barrel, Penny Hardaway wants another shot?


Ledell Eakles: call your agent!

So what will Miami's rotation look like?

Are they going to forgo a point guard? Or will Chalmers start?

Is Bosh really not going to play center?

How about Chalmers and Wade at guard, Lebron & Bosh at forward, Antony at center, with Miller and Haslem getting decent minutes off the bench?

Seems to me the Heat need to stop collecting ancient big men and sign another guard.

Wow, I guess me and Penny are on the same page after all!