Monday, October 11, 2010

Breaking down the Econ Nobel

Overall, I like the choices. Search theory and unemployment. My personal choice was Paul Romer and will be until he gets it, but this is a deserving group.

As usual, LeBron is all over this story and has done it better than I ever could.

Here are his post on Mortensen, on Pissarides, on Diamond, and his personal take on the relevance and meaning of this year's prize.

Kudos to Tyler for excellent and incredibly rapid coverage of this year's economics Nobel. Given that these guys were far from the front-runners, he must have produced all of this on the run this morning.


James said...

Or he has a mole in the committee

Anonymous said...

why do you call him lebron?

and who's anonyman?

Angus said...

@James: could be!

@Anonymous: (a) because he rules the econ blogging domain, (b) LOL