Thursday, October 21, 2010

Take These Words, and Make a Title

So, can you take these words, and make the title of an actual article?

Seven Inch Rim Jobs

Is this the title you came up with? Here?

Nod to Angry Alex.


Dirty Davey said...

I thought you meant ONLY those words.

I did know that Steve Jobs had been dissing seven-inch iPad competitors.

Simon Spero said...

A friend was a shift manager of incoming calls at a large Chapel Hill telephone marketing company at the time when R.I.M. was preparing for their US launch.

The first training meeting was disrupted by frequent coughing fits from US participants, as trainer explained how popular RIMming was, and how, at meetings, people would often not be paying attention to the agenda as they would be RIMming each other under the table.

Only to be expected from a country which until recently had a popular historical magazine called "The Beaver".