Saturday, October 09, 2010

A Decade of Sucking for Cards

St Loo Cards are a proud franchise. Yankees have 27 WS titles, Cards are second in all of MLB with 10. Next NL team is the Dodgers, with 6. Nobody else is really close. Cards are clearly the class of the NL.

But there is bad news. Here is the number of Cards post season appearances by decade, with World Series titles in parens:

1920s: 2 (1)
1930s: 3 (2)
1940s: 4 (3)
1950s: ZERO (0)
1960s: 3 (2)
1970s: ZERO (0)
1980s: 3 (1)
1990s: 1 (0)
2000s: 7 (1)
2010s: ZERO (0)

Total post-season appearances in even decades: 19
Total WS titles in even decades: 8
Total post-season appearances in odd decades: 4
Total WS titles in odd decades: 2

I think I'll become a TB Ray fan. I know all the players, because I have watched them at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park for a decade, and have known some of them when they came up from AAA.

A shame.... when Holliday tried to catch that line drive, the last out of the game, with his man parts, that that game was the Cards' last post-season experience for a decade...


John Thacker said...

Impressive random correlation, but to me not as ridiculous as the "Yankees only win the World Series when a Democrat is President." The last time the Yankees won with a Republican President was Eisenhower, while they've won the World Series fully half the time under Carter, Clinton, and Obama.

Angus said...

Uh, are "the 2010s" an odd decade?

Oh, and aren't there 8 years left in them?

Oh ye of little faith.

In Pujols we trust.