Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bad Penny

Mouthpiece meets Codpiece.  John Edwards ready to ruin more lives

Edwards said last year he hoped to someday open an advocacy law firm to serve indigent clients and that he hoped to find a way to contribute to society. 

Wade Smith, a Raleigh defense lawyer who served as Edwards' mentor early in his legal career, said he saw Edwards recently and he looked great. "He looks so much better, more relaxed," Smith said. 

Smith said Edwards hadn't told him he had reactivated his law license, but Smith was not surprised. "He's got so much ability and talent," said Smith, who represented Edwards in the criminal case. "Lawyers who saw him in front of a jury will tell you they never saw anything like him, his ability to connect. That talent is still in there and I think he will find a space to use it."

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