Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Bonus Links!

1.  My friend George Leef with an interesting book review, and expose.

2.  The rise of Wiener:  The sad thing is that he is really bright and talented.  Why do these people get siphoned off into politics, when they could be making stuff?


russell said...

“Things kind of came over the transom,” he explained.

well, d'uh. the guy was a very high level operative in the democratic party. his wife was a high level member of the sec of state's staff. maybe he really is smart. but without those connections i seriously doubt many companies would just be sending things over the transom for him.

and it's not like this is a rare occurrence. the revolving door between business and govt is less an indication of anyone's intelligence; it's indicative of government that is way too big and way too powerful.

Pelsmin said...

Russel has it right. This is nonsense. No one comes out of the blocks his first year in business and makes half a million because he's a "quick student." The key sentence in the article was "he insisted that the work did not meet the legal definition of lobbying, which he said his contracts made clear he would not do."

When a sleazy liar is forced from office and now claims he's raking it in due to newly-discovered innate business savvy, I assume he's still just a sleazy liar.

And if he really bought a "large Park Avenue South apartment" after one year of $500k salary in Manhattan, after claiming no assets and not much salary 24 months ago, won't be long till the bank owns that apartment.

Jeff R. said...

I would have titled the second link "Weiner Rising."