Friday, May 24, 2013


Gay rights and gun rights linked.

Nearly everyone's head explodes.  Only libertarians recognize that these really ARE essentially the same issue.

One has to be amused at this response.  The writer literally cannot believe that someone might seriously support individual freedoms, as a matter of principle, rather than having memorized a series of contradictory "correct" positions on the left, or on the right.


Anonymous said...

Hoplophobia is rampant on the left.

August said...

I thought the posters were pretty cool, but at best, they'll just be a poke in the leftist's eye.

On the right, the point has to be made that if you let the state get involved in marriage, the state gets to define marriage, and this is what we have here- a new definition of marriage. Folks on the right can have what they want with private property and freedom of association- their position is weakened when the left lures them into power games with such ideas as universal jurisdiction.

John said...

If that blows minds in Seattle, what would the reaction be here (in NC)? Just the same? I mean, we're probably roughly mirroring each other in just how pro and anti we are about each issue.

Anonymous said...


You are simply making an assumption about North Carolina. The state is pretty evenly divided on same sex marriage (45% against, 44% for). Whereas about three quarters Washington state residents support tighter gun control laws. As deep blue as Seattle is, I would be that percentage is even higher in Seattle.

So your conclusion that the issues mirror each other, even with your "roughly" qualifier, isn't correct.

John said...

Ok, fair enough. Not as mind blowing, perhaps.

Tom said...

Pink Pistols say "Where it is lawful, we believe in the use of concealed firearms for [lawful self-defense]..."

Later in the Reason piece: " We believe that all persons, gay or straight, should have all of their rights all of the time." Ummm... where lawful?

Ummm... NO People should have all their rights whether it's lawful or not. AND firearms are best for self defense wherever their possession doesn't incite attacks from guys in blue uniforms.