Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Headline Meme!

Some of my favorites, headlines that--once you have read them--there isn't much more to say.

1.  Henry Gribbohm loses life savings at carnival, wins giant stuffed banana with dreadlocks.
Actually, there is a little more to say here.  An xBox Kinect costs $300, max.  The dude spent $2,600?

2.  Dutch Boy sends this one:  Prime minister praises old queen, new king and everyone else .   Jackie Blue fails to understand the concept of "link."  Sad, really.  Old statistician/lawyers never die.  They just get broken down by age and sex.  Jack:  It's called the "internet."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh it’s on now. Did you get that lawyer comment approved by the better looking and more charming Munger who happens to be an esquire? (Crap, I just realized that Munger, Dutch Boy and myself are all married to lawyers. Scary.)