Monday, June 02, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  Budget problems?  Well, "doo" something about it!

2. Nebraska woman in Texas?  Could it have been Sarah M?  Spouse of Chateau?  I expect not.  An impressive performance, nonetheless.

3.  My way, or no way.

4.  Some reporters torture a poor press staff person for the Prez.  I can't tell if she is serious, or desperately trying not to laugh herself.  Her thesis:  "The President does not give himself enough credit."  If there is ANYTHING the President does, it is "give himself enough credit"!

5.  Amar Bhide on wealth and income.

6.  Don Boudreaux on wealth and income.

7.  Skin in the game.  Ick.

8.  Cute.  I like that his only choices were "the good devil/bad devil thing."  Shouldn't there be a choice that doesn't actually involve the devil?  Still, good for him.

9.  This is why Mr. Overwater invented the internet.  Very cute.

10.   You can play with the baby.  Or you can play the baby, like a guitar.

11.  Fairtrade, yet again, shown to be simply a feel-good sham.  Or, worse.

12.  I can't believe people actually watch stuff like this.  It's just an exploding dorm, dropped straight down onto its foundation perfectly.  I can't believe I watched it three times.

13.  A whole new way to be a dumb criminal.  This is really, really dumb.

14.  Poor pup.  Though, poor passengers.

15.  Typical academic conversation on Skype:

A. "I still can't see you."
B. "Let me just try something."
A. "I'll just call you."
B. "Can you see me now."
(And other things "Academics Say")

17.  The Most Awkward Hug in White House History 

18.  Corrections officers in NM try to hold their licker.

19.  Have half of the unemployed given up?

20.  "Moneyballing" Obama's foreign policy.

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Anonymous said...

7. Skin in the game. Ick.

Hmm, he bears a resemblance to one of our hosts....