Monday, June 09, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  The moral code of dogs...

2.  The YYM just moved back home.  "Temporarily."  Graduated from Duke in May.  Will keep you apprised...Not an isolated incident.

3.  "The Psychology of Human Misjudgement," By Charlie Munger (unfortunately for me, no relation)

4.  If an "error" is bigger than the combined GDPs of several countries, is it really an error at all?  Or something a bit more...sinister.

5.  Elena Boschi's thong was photo-shopped.  Still, she has clearly made more effort than most male politicos to stay in shape.  No Chris Christie signing ceremony looks that good, even if we stick to the real version...
(moremoremore!  Just for @anthonybullard )

6.  Men are just different. And not in a good way.  I'm curious:  why did this guy think it would burn?  Though I know the answer:  he is a guy.  He thought it would be interesting.

7. If he had tried this with an Italian mother, he might have gotten the hammer on the head.  I like that Dad was in on the joke, but pretended to stay distant. Out of fear, I assume.

8.  Copa Mundialonomics.

9.  Pete B on "smelly little orthodoxies...."

10.  Bunch of darned NRA commies...

11.  Does anyone else think it's a problem that this is clearly a foul?

12.  Fitty noses out Cary Rae Jepsen, FTW.

13.  Punking Google.  And that's not a bad name for a band.

14.  WWJD?  Apparently, he would say, "Stop being such an idiot about gay marriage!"  Or so says one observer.  A fairly sensible view, at least from within sincere Christianity.

15.  As always....a reminder of why Mr. Overwater invented the internet.  A puppy.

16.  Tree-huggers go for record.

17.  Bye-bye, baby?  

18.  You can see why the legislature might want to do this.  But...c'mon.

19.  Catholicism and libertarianism are incompatible.  And other dumb things are also said.

20.  Harvard grad placement as a bubble predictor.

21.  Jurist imprudence.

22.  Impact of ACA:  It's really hard, and there's a bunch of numbers, and we're really tired.   And we are hoping you will just forget that we said the impact would be positive.

23.  Chavismo going all debt-ease-mo.  On airlines, at least.

24.  Never pick a fight with a man who buys ink by the "nation".

25.   Example of excellent police work. They laugh, and then apologize for laughing. And the guy's voice is in fact funny.  I half expected him to say, " Kee chai chai cun kuta, Solo!"  (That's Hutt for "What are YOU doing here?")

26.  8 reasons why women in NY don't get married?  And Tinder is one of them?

27.  It is possible that THIS is why Mr. Overwater invented the internet.  Deer and pit bull do cross-fit.  Or maybe back-and-forth fit.  Clearly playing.

28.  Asheville is a pretty great place.  I can understand this. Although the REAL explanation is likely this.  Never mind.

And in headlines that, once read, the story is unnecessary:

Fake Police Officer Pulls Over Real Police Officer.  (Not clear if he hired a fake attorney... He could take some lessons from these guys.  That impersonation thing...)

Puppy Drives Car into Massachusetts Pond...


Innisfree said...


Opponents of "libertarianism" so often build a straw man of its most extreme Rothbardian elements.

I don't think most self-ascribed libertarians are the anarcho-capitalist type, but rather simply advocate for smaller government and less restriction on personal liberty. This is a nuanced, intelligent argument that seems lost on mainstream critics. Perhaps this is because the Republican party officially stands for "smaller government", but has in fact made a mockery of the concept.

For a different Catholic critique of "Libertarianism" that gathers some more historical church documents, see the post at — and this is a blog that is frequently critical of the current Pontiff.

Anonymous said...

The "generously angry" phrase in Peter Boettke's post reminds me of the "happy warriors" I know who are of good cheer, do not despair, and are charitable to their fellow human beings even when those fellow humans are wrong.

Anonymous said...

Catholic libertarians have had a difficult time since Lord Acton's day.

As a Catholic libertarian, I have faith that Christ was not kidding when he said the gates of hell would not prevail against his church, Matthew 16:18.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Lloyd at DC told me the morality of dogs is "if you can't eat it or fornicate with it, urinate on it".