Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Say Something, Obama

A little slow.  I'm not sure this works.

But, check it out.  What do YOU think?  Effective?  Wishful thinking?


Yancey Ward said...

That was hilarious! The only thing missing was for a fattened version of young man to be eating fried chicken at the end and muttering, "F**king Obama."

I knew a 20 something young man who was an ardent Obama supporter, who, whenever he could corner you, would go on and on how Obama was going to change the world. I saw him just this weekend for the first time in 4 years, and not one single word came out of his mouth about the president in an hour's time. Finally, near the end of the lunch, I steered the conversation towards presidential politics, and this person immediately changed the subject back to basketball. Disillusionment is a hard thing, I guess.

MaxSpeak said...

Unwatchable. And I've no love for Obama.

Justin said...

I live in one of the most poorly governed countries on the planet in Africa. You wanna see poor leadership? Come here. Obama was the rebound boy for many people desperate for anything but W. That they have been subsequently disappointed is predictable, almost inevitable given the nature of rebound relationships. It's sad that people like the maker of the video haven't had that self-awareness, but then W was a pretty ugly boyfriend.