Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  Detroit snapshots.

2.  VA doesn't allow "boyz in the hood."

3.  The fabulous Ms. C is a "private citizen" now.  Right.

4.  Black gold.  Texas UT.  A funding gusher.

5.  Maybe we are just going about this all wrong.  Maybe we should declare a "War on Education," and the result will be lots MORE education.  It has certainly worked that way for the "War on Poverty."


6. If Repubs want smaller government, it appears that they should NEVER vote Republican.  And I have to give Angus credit:  you could describe his voting strategy that way.  In fact, I'm pretty sure Angus has NEVER voted Republican.

7.  Taping.

8.  Cart-wheels?

9.   Pope:  have children, not pets.  Two points occur to me.  This school cafeteria lost sight of the difference.  And the pope would have more credibility if he could convince priests to have pets instead of the 10 year old children they seem to enjoy....

10.  Tony Abbott wants to stop the Prez?  Doesn't he know?  Obama can't stop, and he won't stop!  Can't stop, won't stop.  Punks like Abbott jump up to get beat down.  Then Obama gets nothing but abuse.  It doesn't seem right....Except that pretty much ALL Obama can do is stop, since he has never started anything.  And the idea of him beating anyone down...well, did you see this?

11.  The highest paid female CEO was born a man.  A perfect metaphor for something or other.

12.  "Trade is a drag on the economy."  Basic econ fail.  But it's from Reuters, so that's hardly surprising.

13.  Minimum wages are pretty high when labor is scarce, even without da gubmint.

14.  Am I a bad person for finding this funny?  Answer:  almost certainly "yes."  But several things, including the last sentence, made me giggle.

15.  Several good possibilities here.  The punchline is written; you just have to write the joke.

16.  The animal kingdom fights back!

17.  What do (old) rich people do online?  I think you know, most of you.

18.  If Rube Goldberg were to design a crash, it might this.

19.  Trapped between Iraq and a hard-head.

20.  What's wrong with these kids today?  All they want to do is TEXT.  Back in my day, we were drinking illegally and smoking dope.  And, "shooting the moon" meant something else entirely.

21.  Dat ol' debil, unintended consequence!

22.  A "freegan" is a person who wants to conserve every resource, EXCEPT time.  Problem:  Time is the one resource we can't make more of.

23.  Toadlets?  I've never heard of toadlets.

24.  One of the substantial savings already being realized under ACA is an increase in emergency room visits.  So at least THAT is working INCREASE?  Never mind.

25.  Analysis of Cantor loss...

26.  Girl with an awesome name...

27.  Everybody wants some hot wedding photos...

28.  This is worth it just for the last sentence....UPDATE:  Calls for the mayor to resign!  In Toronto, the guy smokes crack and it's cool, for months at least.  But you pitch some poo off the sidewalk into the bushes and they want to bag you?

29.  Sarah Chateau-Spouse will likely be heading home for this.  But, to be clear, she is NOT behind the cow.

30.  Now I want a cool tractor like this.

31.  Even by MoDo standards, this is strange.  If I drink two bottles of vodka, that would be too much.  Why is it news that she ate enough dope for 12 people, and felt weird?

32.  Um...seems those Dutchies had an axe to grind.  Or something like that.  (NSFW)

Cute and nothin' but cute:

Momma cat protects chicks...

Suryia and Roscoe...

A cute commercial:  Beware of Vac-Oom.



Anonymous said...

Oil money doesn't pay salaries. UT - Austin College of Liberal Arts shrinking its faculty by 90 lines in order to balance its budget.

Michael said...


"what are you in for?"
"felony mask wearing"


boomtowns have always come and gone, fading away as fortunes wane. Perhaps what's most spectacular about detroit is the ability for modern technology to catalogue and disseminate evidence of the decline.

What was the next most recent large city to contract in such a manner?