Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Tommy the Tenured Brit sent in this sign (click for a larger image):


1.  Would this be Allen Iversen's favorite golf course, or Michael Jackson's?  Or both?

2.  Why no apostrophe for possesive?  Is "childrens" just the plural of "children" in England?  I think "churrins" would be the correct form of that.

3.  The dog poop sign:  clearly an afterthought.  Perhaps they should allow practise after all.  And maybe learn how to spell "practice."  Allen Iversen could help with that.


Tim Worstall said...

It's an Englishism:


'Practise' is a verb (an action).

Mungowitz said...

Tim: "It's an Englishism" is American for "you misspelled it!" You are just laboUring under a misapprehension.