Saturday, June 14, 2014

Remy on VA: Perhaps the best Remy yet...

This is pretty savage.  Not unfair, but savage.  (I like the "one way" that we can be made to care about a soldier:  desert your unit under fire...)

There is an actual problem with government provided health care.  It doesn't really work, anywhere.  England and Canada have systems that allow "important" people to jump the endless queues.  And the U.S. just lets people die as a means of making the queue shorter.

My own view is that single-payer INSURANCE, or government FINANCING combined with private provision, may be the best we can hope for.  So, people who are using the VA crisis to indict tax-funded insurance are mistaken.  But the VA crisis is a perfectly legitimate indictment of those who want an English-style system.  It sucks.

UPDATE:  Some useful background:  VA system is NOT a test of ACA.  But if we aren't careful, we could move toward VA-type system.  Republicans need to make some actual proposals, instead of just being hopeless hypocrites.

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