Thursday, October 09, 2014

Man bites Iceberg

This is an actual headline from an actual story from the actual internet:

Antarctic sea ice hits an all-time high, NASA blames global warming

 No there is not a typo. That is what the story actually claims.

 People, I'm not gonna read it, I'm just gonna  mock it. Let me know in the comments if I'm being a jerk. 


James Oswald said...

There is an optimal temperature for ice formation. The Antarctic used to be below that temperature. Now because of global warming, it is closer to that temperature.

blackhiller said...

Kevin, The ice also is sea is, not land ice. The sea ice is much thinner. The land ice on the _other side_ of Antartica has drastically reduced, i.e., melted. Most if not all of the hay about the increase in sea ice has come from the usual suspects who either don't understand science, etc., or willfully misrepresent it.

Tununak said...

"Most if not all of the hay about the increase has come from the usual suspects." Like the IPCC AR5 report for example? "Whereas sea ice extent in the Arctic has decreased, sea ice extent in the Antarctic has very likely increased. Sea ice extent across the Southern Hemisphere over the year as a whole increased by 1.3– 1.67% per decade from 1979–2012." And this: "Overall we conclude that there is low confidence in the scientific understanding of the observed increase in Antarctic sea ice extent since 1979, due the larger differences between sea-ice simulations from CMIP5 models and to the incomplete and competing scientific explanations for the causes of change and low confidence in estimates of internal variability." In other words, yes, the ice has been increasing and no, we don't have a good explanation. No reason to disparage those who supposedly "don't understand science." You can learn more about science by reading Judy Curry's site Climate Etc. (which is where I got these quotes), ... she is a true scientist.

Tom said...

Whatever happens is evidence of global warming. If it's counter intuitive, that just illustrates that Climate is complex. By contrast, if anything gets warmer or some ice melts, then Climate is simple.

For instance, we can explain the Pause (no climate change since late nineties): it must be that the excess heat is being absorbed by the deep ocean. Sadly, NASA, despite being led by a climate alarmist, has released some results for the deep ocean ( ) -- no change since 2005. But (wait for it!) “Study coauthor Josh Willis of JPL said these findings do not throw suspicion on climate change itself.” Do you wonder what he would have said if they'd found some heat?

Peter M said...

Wow. Talk about classic confirmation bias. Good job NASA - they're trying to hit a pinata with a blindfold on and wearing headphones.