Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  Vasalgel.

2.  If this can happen, why do we even have elitest leftist enclaves in the first place?  (nod to CN)

3.  Caring, or not caring, about inequality.

4.  Excellent robots.

5.  Biden.  Oh, Biden, Biden, Biden.


6.  Hairy.

7.  Here.  Transport.  And a Taxi guy named Louie.  Really.  I liked Louie.

8.  Butt glue.

9.  It's always sex that's the problem.

10.  Obama beach?  Nope.

11.  Getting rid of sugar subsidies.

12.  It's a bird...a plane....a labradoodle!

13.  So, the very idea that  if you talk to women about sports they'll get mad made a bunch of women mad, and so they had to pull the article.  Reminds of the joke about telling a joke to self-styled "feminist":  "Knock-knock."  "That's not funny."

14.  Whoa.  There's an app for THAT?  If you have to pledge consent online, we may be fetishizing consent too much.

15.  A fine man.  Well done.

16. A Entrepreneurs le gusta.  A CEOs no le gustan.

17. M R Pigs, from MO.  As in,"M R pigs. M R not pigs! O S M R pigs. L I B M R pigs."

18.  Training Run.

19.  A conjecture:  Democrats are sending out moles, posing as Republican campaign consultants.  Because otherwise it's hard to explain these ads.Some more views.

20.  10 Prerequisites to Prosperity:  It did NOT have to be this way.  But it is.  Now we have "Lawsuits of the Rich and Shameless."  We should have paid MORE.  Wow.

21.  We don't want to keep costs down, because then the doctors and hospitals would get all mad.  But we can keep INSURANCE PRICES down, to make voters happy.  And force insurers to provide gold-plated policies, if they write the insurance at all.  Nothing could go wrong with that, right?

22.  A beer tunnel.  That's all, nothing special, just a BEER TUNNEL.

23.  Service robot.

24.  Turns out Tommy the Tenured Brit was in the vanguard over there.  Who knew?

25.  Is prosperity the cure for terrorism?

Headline:  "Bride-to-be 'becomes pregnant after having sex with dwarf stripper on hen night… and husband only realises when she gives birth'"  Um....dwarf stripper?  Hen night?  Wow. Another version.

A present for my friend Scott de Marchi: A family was driven from their suburban St. Louis home by thousands of venomous spiders that fell from the ceiling and oozed from the walls.
Look on the bright side:  There probably weren't many bugs in that house.  With all those ravenous, venomous spiders, I mean. 


John Thacker said...

I think the ads are explained by the same consultants watched similar Lena Dunham pro-Obama viral videos from the previous election, but didn't realize that there's a difference between what people expect in a semi-ironic viral video and a big TV campaign ad.

Road to Surf Bum said...

re Excellent Robots. Cross out "application" in the nytimes article title and I think we're going somewhere really interesting. I'm intrigued by the idea of rigorous assessment centers allowing some to entirely bypass college by otherwise proving their knowledge, creativity, reliability, social skills, etc. The near monopoly on certification held by higher ed deserves to be seriously challenged.