Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  In today's Scott de Marchi corner....a spider the size of a puppy.

2.  NC has really high gas taxes, and yet claims to need tolls to build new roads.  Why?  Because it raids the highway fund for other purposes.  And remember that the NC has a Republican legislature.  It's not a partisan point.  It's just that politics is theft.

3.  Stay-at-home parents have my great respect.  Stay-at-home kids, much less so.  Todd Rundgren had a song for those kids. It does sound fun, I admit.

4.  Speaking of staying home, Latinos may be stay-at-home voters.  Nobody likes being taken for granted.

5.  If some drunk guy tried this ("What's that lipstick on your neck?"  "Honey, I'd love to tell you, but it's a matter of national security...") it would be laughable.  But if the U.S. government tries it...well, it's still laughable.


6.  Vegetarians are not good with swimmers.

7.  Red Bull claimed it would "give you wings."  But it didn't.  So, time to sue.  Not surprisingly, the story is almost entirely false.

8.  Then there's "Loose bull," which is not a lawsuit at all. With video interviews.    Details on taking out two women.    If they were out at 7 am, by themselves, and didn't notice a bull before it hit them ... I'm thinking they were jogging with headphones on. Eyewitness descriptions.   Entering "cedar city bull" into Google News will get you about 30 similar articles.  (From DT)


10.  Over the river and through the careful at Grandma's house.

11.  Bearded dragons?

12.  How do people get ideas?

13.  Ripple makes it hard for the weatherman to do his job.

14.  I had assumed that this was a hoax.  She can't be serious, can she?  The doughty says Karlson says "yes."

15.  Some first times...

16.  If you were thinking about what Xmas gift to get me, don't worry about this calendar.  I already have it almost every day from people at Duke.

17.  Dis-intermediating inefficient intermediaries.

18.  Whiskey flavored bacon.  That is all.

19.  75% of economists say that 90% of HuffPo columnists are deeply, profoundly confused.

20.  Wilmington, NC is in fact a very, very nice place.

21.  This makes sense.  If you are going to blame shortages on smuggling--which is absurd, because the shortages are caused by price ceilings--then you have to pretend to try to stop the smugglers.  By fingerprinting people at grocery stores.  Well, it made sense at the time, at least.

22.  You can see her point:  it WOULD be useful to have a gun in prison. Git me some resPECT, dammit.

23.  A cockroach named Pyrrhus?

24.  This seemed like bad dating advice, at first.  But after he explains that it is YOUR job to find something in other people for you to be enthusiastic about, I think he has a point.  And it would certainly solve the consent problem for sexual relations.  Instead of the guy trying to wheedle the woman, she is the one saying, "f**k yes!"  If, on the other hand, you try to take her shirt off, and she moves your hand away, that's "no," not "maybe."

25.  I have to give the French some credit.  In the U.S. when we talk about "armed clowns" we mean fat guys in rural Michigan forming "militias" and marching until they run out of breath and just go to a bar.

  In France, "armed clowns" means...well, actual armed clowns.  I have to admire that.

Some headlines:

Michigan funeral home provides drive-through option.

Convicted murderer sues prison over porn ban.

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