Monday, October 06, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  The sharing economy....with a paring knife and some mayo.

2.  This is about 3-4 miles from our house.  Bachelorette parties? 

3.  Another man who regrets using too much cologne.  Perhaps if he left the window down...or if he hadn't driven a bright red car....or if he weren't an idiot.

4.  Rent-seeking may be unavoidable.  But do we really need to promote it?

5.  Odious Rove:  The George Costanza of American Politics.


6.  Pro-Tip:  If you are going to have a big smile for your mug shot, you should have more than ten teeth.  

7.  The Richest Women in America.

8. The Cobra Effect.  A terrific video on incentives.

9.  That's not software, that's an illegal taxi!

10.  Bill Clinton gives a very sensible account of democracy, and media.

11.  Don't read this if you are squeamish.  It's about sashimi, and tapeworms.  Seriously, don't read it.  UPDATE:  Okay, so don't read it b/c it's a hoax.

12.  I'm pretty sure Ann Coulter is going to drown me.

13.  It is remarkable to me that people WATCH the MAP.  But as long as people want to watch it, it will be shown.  It's no stupider than this. And at least MAP is (mostly) unscripted. It was one of the first, and oldest, reality shows. On the other hand, the "scholarships" thing clearly requires that these ladies can't add very well.

14.  So, you have to ask, "How do you like it now?" at every "step"?  Reminds of the old joke about the optometrist on his wedding night.  "Do you like it better this way, or this way?"

15.  Lectures should not be scheduled near rush hour.  And keep 'em short.

16.  Caffeinated undies.

17.  New media prof bans laptops.

18.  Senator Mary L helps with keg stand.  I'm sorry, but this makes me like her a lot MORE, not less.

19.  Ow....that's going to leave a mark, I'm afraid.

20.  What makes women happy?  NOTHING.  Therefore, they must ruin football.

21.  Don't want elk sticking their giant noses into your private parts?  Then don't ban plastic bottles...

22.  What's with the lasers?  What is this supposed to mean?  If I search for "catdog laser" I find this.  Which leads of course to this.  And NOBODY wants that to happen.  (ow)

23.  Shyp.  From Laura Bliss at CityLab/Atlantic

24.  Chilling.

25.  I think that the point here is NOT that the sperm donor was black.  Rather, the sperm donor is NOT the one the customers selected.  Injecting race into the story is an additional factor, but it's not the key factor.

26.  You didn't get to keep your old plan.  You may not get to keep your new plan.


Jack 7954 said...

(11) sashimi tapeworm, is a hoax, it would appear; although the risk is real

John B said...

2 & 6: Why is it that stupid people never have a lawyer to represent them? ObamaLaw for everyone!

Russell G. said...

Coulter is just a professional troll who will say ANYTHING that will keep her in the headlines. I don't know why anyone still takes her seriously, after all the insane things she's been saying for years.
If you want to listen to complete nuts, David Icke is far more entertaining than Coulter.