Monday, October 25, 2004

Don't Challenge Him!

From the Des Moines Register, via (in my case) Ed Cone:

"Yes, Kerry is liberal. But what's to fear from a liberal president? That he would run big deficits? That he would increase federal spending? That he would expand the power of the federal government over individuals' lives? Nothing Kerry could do could top what President Bush has already done in those realms."

Me, I say don't make it sound like a challenge. Kerry may be up to doing all those things and more. Nothing is more scary than a man who is convinced he knows the truth and wants to help other people based on that truth. Am I talking about Kerry, or Bush? Yes.

As for the challenge, I bet that ten years ago, Kerry and some other guy were drinking in a bar, and Kerry got dared to go marry some incredibly rich crazy woman. And you see how THAT worked out. So don't challenge him to be a bigger putz than Bush: I think Kerry could do just that.