Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Use ATSRTWT: Because Otherwise People Can Still Understand You

Help K. Grease in the crusade to reduce clutter by compressing one of the most trite phrases in the blogosphere to a single, unintelligible and unpronounceable acronym:

ATSRTWT: "As they say, read the whole thing." Pronounced "ATS-ER-TWIT".

ATSRTWT Users' Hall of Fame:
Signifying Nothing

Why do this? If you GOOGLE "as they say, read the whole thing", you will find nearly 500 exact instances. And that doesn't count all the time it appears in posts that have now been archived.

End web clutter. And be truly obscure. Use ATSRTWT!

Email K. Grease about other brave souls fighting for justice, opacity, and truth (JOT).


The Dread Pirate Gryphon said...

Why not go whole hog and shorten it even further:

RTWT. The euphonic equivalent would be "Rot-Wit." Or maybe "Rat-Wit." Kinda catchy, no?


Anonymous said...

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