Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Carolyn Parrish sighting

Apparently, Carolyn Parrish still lives, and sometimes speaks. During the visit of George Bush to serene and pleasant Canada, I mean.

I like the part where one of the guys says, "It's not the numbers, its the message." Um...when it comes to "mass protests", I'm pretty sure it IS the numbers, dude. The numbers ARE the message. They had 5,000 people, in Toronto, a city of nearly 4 million very polite souls. And two-thirds of the 5,000 were bussed in from Dildo, Newfoundland (yes, it's a real city).

Look, they always say that size doesn't matter. But it does. And it does.

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Anonymous said...

No no no...K Grease...the protests took place in Ottawa, a city of 500K. Only 25% of the citizens of Ottawa are people allowed to be seen protesting (they're not on the Liberal Government's Payroll). If there were any Newfies there, it was because they thought that unemployment benefits were better at the federal level.

Did you hear about the Royal Mounted Police catching four suspected terrorists in Newfoundland? They caught one sleeping, one screwing, one drinking. They couldn't find the one that was working.