Thursday, December 02, 2004

WTF? K. Grease is Called Chopped Liver!

Okay, NOW I'm pissed.

Excerpt-- Hmmm.... "I’ve noticed this lack of blogging from big names in my own field of political science." Indeed, perusing Crooked Timber's list of poli sci bloggers, I certainly do not see anyone approaching the stature that Becker or Posner have in their fields. To go further, there is no tenured political scientist at a top twenty institution who also blogs.

[Insert sound of lonely wind blowing here--ed.] (this was in the original)

To which I say.... shame on my tenured brethren!! To be sure, a lot of blogging (and some of my blogging) is entirely unrelated to matters of scholarship -- but that doesn't mean it has to be this way. Tyler Cowen has an excellent post in response to Eszter Hargittai on how blogging and scholarship are complements rather than substitutes. Surely these reason must be persuasive to some of my letter-writers for tenured senior people in political science!

[Oh, yeah? Insert sound of lonely Dan Drezner blowing ME!--KGrease]

I'm tenured, Duke is ranked in the top ten, fercrissakes, and now all of a sudden K. Grease is chopped liver?

"...stature of Posner and Becker..." Yes, they are impressive. But I am a chair of a major department, and a past President of the Public Choice Society. Sometimes REAL scholars even let me hold their laptops. It makes me feel like a REAL boy.

I'm going up to fucking UChicago with a bat. Meet me at the Midway, Danny D, cause you are goin' DOWN.

(Nod to a gleeful grad student, who after pointing out the public dissing of KGM had to go off and touch himself)
(UPDATE: The Young Drezner is quite unrepentant. We need more untenured people like that. Dead ones, I mean)


Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, I'm really scared of some candy-assed, penny-ante North Carolina blogger who calls himself "KGrease"? Bring it on, Duke boy!!!


have you ever met munger? he is a giant of a man, sweats vile acidic fluids and has a crown of medusa curls for hair.

if you were a real man you would be trying to set-up a blog roundtable for APSA and invite MM/KGM. and that wonketee. she sure is cute.

Posted by beengreased at December 2, 2004 10:20 AM

Anon said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm just surprised that there's a conservative teaching at Duke. Must be kinda awkward talking with Robert "conservatives are stupid" Brandon.

Chris Lawrence said...

Anon: One of the joys (?) of being at a top-ten institution is you don't have to talk with anyone in another department. Or, even in your own, for that matter!

(But I kid my colleague at my fellow United Methodist institution of higher learning. I do.)