Friday, August 18, 2006

Andrew Young is NOT Racist

I can tell that Andrew Young is not racist, in spite of his comments.

How can I tell?

Because the Daily Cause has not published a criticism of his hate speech, as they do in the case of REAL hate speech. And the Cause always speaks the truth, and all the truth is spoken by the Cause.

Strange that getting annoyed by one guy is a war crime, but calling entire ethnic groups names is okay.

(Nod to anonyman)


Dirty Davey said...

Nor is he currently running for office.

Or, for that matter, running for the Presidency in 2008.

Dirty Davey said...


it may not have made the front page, but it's certainly there:

Plus, I first saw the story in a left-leaning outlet this morning.


Anonymous said...

I "studied French and did quite well," and have never heard that word in my life. Words like that don't exactly show up in the textbooks.