Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Qualifications for HIgher Office?

"I've regretfully come to think the key to presidential campaign success
isn't the candid 'authenticity' that took John McCain so far (but not far
enough) in 2000, but a ruthless message discipline--a complete unwillingness
to take the media's bait. That's the instinct displayed by George W. Bush in
2000 and 2004, by Hillary Clinton right now, and by Mitt Romney a few
minutes ago when he more or less ignored a question about why he
flip-flopped and endorsed a no-new-taxes pledge. Romney's steely discipline
makes me think he's a real contender."

-- Michael Crowley, The New Republic

So...the ability to focus on the television, to ignore the point of questions, and to pretend that you cannot load the dishwasher, even if shown how repeatedly? In other words, a studied incompetence so highly developed that questions don't even make it through the outer abrasion shields?

That means the best training for running for Prez is: TWENTY YEARS OF BEING A HUSBAND!

So THAT'S why Hillary is so good at this!

(Nod to KL, who certainly ignores all MY questions, and rightly so)