Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I Want to Ax You About What You Said

My main man, the good Nokes, at Unlocked Word Hoard, links a very interesting story.


"They pulled up in the truck, rolled the window down, said a few words that weren't very polite to me, 'you want something come get it', all that and spun the tires started taking off," said Tordt,"I busted the passenger side window with the golf club, I admit that. They went up probably up past that pole, they both jumped out, one had an ax, it's an ax with a spike on the other end which is what he chopped me in the arm with."

Tordt added that he was tackled to the ground and in self-defense, used a knife to stab one of the alleged attackers.

"I know if he hits me in the head with this bat it's going to kill me so I stabbed the dude in the back," said Tordt, "I was hit with an ax on this arm. Then I was stabbed. While I was trying to defend myself I was clocked across the back several times with a ball bat and hit numerous times in the back of the neck."

Neighbors said Tordt was left bleeding in the street after the attack....Investigators are still trying to distinguish who were the suspects and who were the victims here.

Tordt said he's friends with the two men and believes the situation got out of hand.

Dr. Nokes makes the obvious point:

Interestingly enough, the first weapon to be used in the fight was a golf club, but the news reports did not refer to it as a "PGA brawl" -- demonstrating once again that Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch have a secret alliance against us.

I do think his objection has merit. The Turner-Murdoch axis, the old medieval axes, and the questions people aks us. Clearly related topics. Call Oliver Stone.

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