Monday, June 25, 2007

To Shoot, Perchance to Dream

Went out to the property in Chatham County yesterday.

Younger younger Munger and I went out early. Ah, the reason to have sons: you get to buy rifles, and pickup trucks, and people think MORE of you, because you are a good dad.

Then, Large Guns Man showed up, with his boys. We put the buffet out on the table. 8 mm Mauser rifle, AR 15, AK 74, the strangest Baretta carbine (with both flashlight and laser, straighth from Halo II), four different shotguns (two coach guns, and two with clips, which is psychotic) and a wild variety of pistols for dessert.

Angus had left behind a cooler after his visit to Duke a year ago. I had used it a few times, but left it at the property. Top blew off in winter, and cooler filled with water. Slime, mold, ick. My fault, a shame to waste the cooler. But since it was wasted, we wasted it good. More than 200 rounds of ammunition, and at least 50 shotgun shells, of many types, were blasted into the cooler at a range of 25 yards. The boys pose with the "kill."

(Identities disguised to protect the gunnutters, except for my son Brian, and the other kid. The other kid wandered out of the woods, ALMOST DIRECTLY BEHIND THE DIRECTION WE WERE FIRING. He heard the guns, and was drawn like a moth to the cordite.)

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Angus said...

could anything be perverser and crueler? than to shoot a million holes in Angus's cooler. I'ma smack u in the head and make u into a dueler. with my sig-sauer I'll make u look like Dennis Meuller.