Sunday, October 21, 2007

A .500 average gets you in the Hall of Fame, right?

I recently posted that two of my favorite bands from last year were putting out new products. Well said products have arrived, been listened to, and I have to say the results are mixed.

First the good news: Spencer Krug's new Sunset Rubdown album is fantastic. Let me see if I can describe it by analogy: how about a mix up of Queen / Jonathan Richman / Velvet Underground / Igor Stravinsky / and the Fall? How's that grab you? This is totally out of control and totally wonderful. You should really own the whole Frog Eyes catalog (with and without Krug) along with the Sunset Rubdown stuff and the initial Wolf Parade record. Even if the above mashup and the idea of out of control pscho pop music doesn't sound appetizing, you should at least try Wolf Parade.

Now the bad news, Band of Horses does not survive the departure of one of their founding members. It's just "dad rock" now. BOH was all about the rave up. That was their thing. That is now gone and what is left is plodding, boring, trivial. I am not giving up though. Since things are progressing poorly, I've decided to go back in time and try Carissa's Wierd (sic), the pre BOH band of the original BOH lineup. Details to follow.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the new BoH album is a disappointment.

If you're looking for new music, try out Kevin Drew's Spirit If. It satiated my Broken Social Scene craving quite well.

Shawn said...

...and how're you going to put these new collections on your ipod?