Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bust Roundup

Pretty interesting stuff lately:

1. La Kirchner: the woman with an economic bust in her future.

2. La Edwards: a bust in Iowa. I have been thinking Edwards would get the proverbial "better than expected" in Iowa, since he has pretty much lived there for three years. And he was doing well. But....no.

3. MP3 player in your bust. Leading to the question: "Which one of these is the volume control?"


Shawn said...

From the Breastp3 player article (2005, btw):

Pearson is the head “futurologist” at BT Futurology, where he looks not only at breasts...

"____ is the ______ at _____, where he looks not only at breasts..."

Fill in the blank.

Angus said...

head reflexologist