Friday, August 22, 2008

Markets in Everything: Canadian Style

This one is for Alex T!

"Canadians who may have become tired of being passed over as porn stars will have a new, home-grown outlet to showcase their erotic talents. Federal regulators have granted Alberta-based Real Productions approval to launch a new digital pornography channel, which promises to serve up at least 50 percent domestic content."

and here's the money quote:

"I think as Canadians there is a bit of a tiredness in seeing all American stuff," Shaun Donnelly, president of Real Productions, said during an interview on Friday.

"There is always that thrill for something that is local and you get the sense that these are people you can meet at the supermarket."

Yikes!! I don't know about where y'all live, but there's no one in my supermarket I want to see nekkid!


Anonymous said...

that's because you live in the US...

Shawn said...

I would say that that's because he lives in OK...but it is a college town, and Angus has previously stated that Okie girls are the purtiest.

Porn protectionism...I'm surprised that feminists aren't all *over* this (maybe they are...). Essentially, they're forcing people who otherwise may not be in porn to do so in order to satisfy the 50% quota. Interesting.

PeeDub said...

"money quote"

How apropos ...

Angus said...

Shawn: I think I said they were the sturdiest!

Paul: thanks for noticing!