Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Keep pedaling that bike!

Hank 'n Ben are now out trumpeting the dire consequences that will follow if Congress does not speedily enact their master plan. This very much reminds me of how trade negotiations often go. The in crowd puts the package together in the green room and then pressures the outsiders to go along using increasingly apocalyptic language when resistance is encountered. I only hope that some block of legislators will stand up and play the role of India here and scupper this deal.

Update: The rhetoric has escalated even further. Check this dandy, where a "former federal reserve official" opines about what will happen without the plan:

“The alternative is complete financial Armageddon and a great depression”.

Holy Crap. So either you're with Hank 'n Ben or you are in favor of another depression?

Yikes, put me down for none of the above.

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