Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cavaliers step in a big pile of Dooky

Wow. OU will be #1 and the Big 12 will probably have 3 teams in the top 5 in the next polls and Michigan beat a top 10 opponent but the big, big story in college football is that the Duke Blue Devils beat UVA snapping a 25 game conference losing streak and running their record to 3-1.

Congratulations Mungo!


Dirty Davey said...

It's not that big a story--Duke was actually favored in the game.

I hope, for Al Groh's sake, that it's not too hard in the current market to sell a nice-sized house in Charlottesville VA.

Anonymous said...

UVA et al. should get used to losing to Duke. There's a new paradigm in football, and there's a blue devil at the front of it.

BTW, I think Mungo's a Carolina fan. You can't cheer on both sides of the interstate.

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