Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just what I always wanted

Thank you Mr. President!! My lifelong dream of owning General Motors is on the verge of being realized. Yours too people! We will be getting the deal of a lifetime, a 70% ownership share.

What a sweet deal. Look at it this way. Who is gonna get all the gubmint contracts? Damn straight, it will be us! What's gonna happen when people still keep refusing to buy our cars? Can you say increased tax incentives boys and girls? Plus, our main domestic rival, Ford, was so stupid as to stay solvent so they will now have absolutely no chance going forward against us and our broker President O.

We are in the tall cotton now my friends. Kick back and enjoy.

With this new addition to our already excellent portfolio of Chrysler, AIG, BOA, Citibank and Fannie & Freddie, we are very, very close to step 3.

I think I'll use my earnings to buy a car!


Anonymous said...

"...tall cotton..." = awesome.

Reember: FNM, FRE, and AIG, we own 'em, too!

(I want to barf.)

Angus said...

Glad u liked it. Have updated the post to more fully reflect our portfolio. thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am glad we own GM for a short while while it restructures.