Saturday, May 02, 2009

Tell it like it is

On the fantastic internet site: "Postcards from yo momma", where people report emails/texts they've received from their mothers, I was reminded yet again what real people think about me and my chosen profession.

Here is the relevant entry:

Words of Encouragement

Backstory: After I got a D on my economics exam.

"Honey, econ is for boring and ugly people. You shouldn’t be in that class, you’re too pretty and creative. I’m sick of these hard classes. Next semester sign up for gym classes."


Anonymous said...

From the backstory and the reply I would venture to say that they are both bimbos. Mother and child.

Norman said...

Why is she in college at all? Everyone knows pretty and creative people should be effortlessly climbing the ranks in LA or New York. Doing hard things is no way to get ahead in the world!

Anonymous said...

Is getting undergraduate degree really "doing [a] hard thing?" Norman, please!