Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ending racism, one drink at a time

Wow, I didn't think that President O was really serious about his "lets talk about it over a few beers" offer to Gates & Crowley, but apparently that is actually happening today.

People, I am pretty sure that, over the course of history, beer has caused a lot more racial incidents than it has defused. I am also pretty sure that President O is not really a beer man.

As always, the Wall St. Journal gets right to the heart of the issue with a hard-hitting piece on what beers are going to be served. President O is opting for Bud Light (thus proving my conjecture from the previous paragraph).

The scandal here is that none of the beers being served are truly "American" (Anseuser Busch is now "foreign owned"):

"We would hope they would pick a family-owned, American beer to lubricate the conversation," said Bill Manley, a spokesman for the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., a California-based brewer that happens to be family-owned.

Jim Koch, founder of Boston Beer Co., which brews Samuel Adams, decried "the foreign domination of something so basic and important to our culture as beer."

Genesee Brewery, Rochester, N.Y., released a statement congratulating the president for having beer at the meeting but adding: "We just hope the next time the President has a beer, he chooses an American beer, made by American workers, and an American-owned brewery like Genesee."

Holy Crap!!


Unknown said...

The only one of the three in the article fit to drink is the Blue Moon. If they're going to go import, get them some Spaten Optimator and see where the conversation goes.

Shawn said...

1) O drinks Riesling. Who could doubt it?

2) I drink Bud Light. Damn.

Anonymous said...

They should drink some PBR - that's some "real" American beer!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Gates likes BLACK&TAN and Crowley likes Belgian WHITE.

Obama's definitely a wine sipper.

The Dude said...

Those better be American hops in that beer!

Anonymous said...

I guess Biden does have a job after all!

He sure does! You did notice at today's White House Beer party with the White Cop, And President Obama, he was the offical poison Beer taster for Prof Gates........

Norman said...
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Norman said...

Although I generally favor the "President owes two beers every time he says something stupid" policy, today's meeting would have been much more interesting if it had happened like this:

What if the White House had run out of beer?