Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Culture that is Germany VII

Reuters Berlin, how I love you. You give me what I need:

"German tourists can now reserve their poolside recliners before they have even left home.

The German arm of Thomas Cook, Europe's second largest travel company, has been deluged with inquiries since announcing that holidaymakers at nine hotels in Turkey, Egypt and the Canary Islands can book recliners in advance for a fee.

Germans are famous around Europe for rising early to reserve recliners near the pool with their towels, and then going back to bed or eating a lengthy breakfast.

This often annoys tourists from other nations, but they will be unable to take advantage of the new service -- it is valid only for tourists booking their trips from Germany, Mathias Brandes, head of communications at Thomas Cook in Germany, said."

To quote Mungowitz's students: "ooh, nein!"

I guess I lead a sheltered life but, who in the world goes on holiday to camp out at the hotel pool all day? That said, given that one really wanted to camp out at the hotel pool, who in the world would let an obviously unattended towel deter them from doing so? People, just take Franz's towel, put it in the towel hamper, move "his" chair to a different area of the pool and enjoy the good life!!


Bob the Bavarian said...

Wow, this is so cool, I'm feeling so privileged now. Too bad for the Brits, though. They were big players when it came down to reserving recliners. Almost as good as we are. Thanks to the deutsche Gründlichkeit we took the "who gets skin cancer the fastest"-game to a whole new level. Ooooh, too bad, I guess we won that one. In your face Inselaffen ;)

Soji Oyenuga said...

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Unknown said...

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