Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Real Bills Doctrine

Which bills are in circulation, in what proportions?

I did not know this..... I would have guessed $20s and $100s were about the same. I would have been wrong. So, I did not know this.

But Craig did.

UPDATE: In comments, Mr. Thacker points out a rather obvious error that was NOT obvious to me!


John Thacker said...

Uh, $20s and $100s are about the same, in number of bills. See, it says 6.26 billion $20s and 6.25 billion $100s.

$100s are just worth give times as much, so the value of $100s in circulation is $625B compared to $125.1B.

John Thacker said...

No worries, you knew more than you thought. You were right about the number in circulation, just looking at the wrong part of the chart.