Saturday, January 01, 2011

Evo got Evo'ed!

or, the gasolinazo that wasn't.

First big news story of the year (if you are a weirdo like me) is that Evo Morales has abruptly cancelled his cancellation of gasoline subsidies in Bolivia in the face of growing street protests.

Of course, changing policy (or even governments) via street protests was Evo's calling card before he himself became president.

PS. One thing I really like about Latin American Spanish is the -azo. Take a soccer goal (gol). If it's spectacular, add the azo and call it a golazo! If Serge Ibaka busts open Josh Smith's pumpkin with a vicious elbow (codo)? That, people, is a codazo!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the azo is great in Spanish. But, it isn't exclusive to Latin America. Spain uses it too, but mostly for insults. For instance, if being a cabrón just doesn't quite cut it, well, you are a cabronazo. Gilipolla--gilipollazo, was a personal favorite, which I think best translates as douchebag--total f'ing douchebag.