Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The People have spoken

It was no contest.

I'll be going to see Blake Griffin terrorize Jeff Green tonight with a friend, while Mrs. A goes to Krugmanfest.

I'll try to get a guest blogger to cover Krugmania for us.


Anonymous said...

How 'bout this scenario: You invite PK to accompany you to the game. During the first quarter, Griffin destroys a backboard with a monster dunk. The crowd becomes restless during the interruption. PK decides to calm them. He goes courtside, grabs the PA announcer's microphone and begins to describe the silver lining with a Keynesian tale, i.e., the expenditure required to replace the backboard will have a stimulative effect on the local economy. His presentation is interrupted when the student section, led by a couple of Economics majors, begins to chant, "Fallacy, fallacy! Bastiat, Bastiat!"

It could happen!

Anonymous said...

Simple solution: Mrs. A guest blogs Krugpocalypse 2k11. Have her take a laptop and she can even live-blog it.

David said...

Crap, I can't believe I gave honest advice (going to the game) rather than voting my self interest (getting to read a vitriolic, possibly coronary-inducing rant about Kroogmashammockery).

Anonymous said...

Good decision. Thunder roll and Griffin throws down a sick alley-oop dunk that makes Top Plays on SportsCenter.