Monday, February 14, 2011

Quien anda lo mas despistado?

People, who is the most clueless, the NY Times or the WaPo?

Let's start with the Times, which has produced this gem:

Obama Budget Pivots From Stimulus to Deficit Cuts

WASHINGTON – President Obama, pivoting at midterm from costly economic stimulus measures to deficit reduction, on Monday released a fiscal year 2012 budget that projects an annual deficit of more than $1 trillion before government shortfalls decline to “sustainable” levels for the rest of the decade.

There is just not enough koolaid in the world to wash this kind of crap down. Obama is not pivoting from the stimulus; he's freezing spending at the stimulus levels. Plus his PLANNED deficit for 2011 is $1.65 Trillion and for 2012 it's $1.1 Trillion. After that, it's not clear he'll even BE IN OFFICE. It's incredibly brave of him to shrink the deficit in 2021!!

Not to be outdone, the WaPo fires back with this:

Obama administration studies recent revolutions for lessons applicable in Egypt

As the Obama administration works to shepherd the Egypt uprising toward a democratic government, it is drawing on the experiences of a half-dozen other nations whose revolutions have been the focus of internal White House study in recent weeks.

Oh yeah, I'm feeling all Psalmy up in here...

Obama is my shepherd, I am so screwed. He maketh me lie down with the Israelis, He leadeth me back to Camp David, He restoreth my subsidies. Yea though I walk through the valley of the Muslim Brotherhood, I shall fear no Islam, for Obama is with me.....

Journalists, please!


Anonymous said...

Why in the name of green chesse is the White House "studying" revolutions? If they are in the intelligence business, close the CIA. No one can tell me a constitutional "law professor" who signs onto a health care bill that is clearly unconstitutional (he was actually too lazy to create the bill or even provide its freamework) would know anything about revolutions even if information appeared on his teleprompter.

The man is a lazy product of "affirmative advantage," a know-nothing ... like his pals in the press.

joetote said...

While the President is feeding us his line of garbage as to cutting spending, it came to my attention yesterday that the FED is considering a QE3 package adding to the 1.2 trillion dollars of worthless money they’ve already printed hasn’t done what they though it would. All of the cuts in the world are not going to offset the hyper inflation and the costs that come with printing worthless money. M1 has grown 15.2% in less than 3 months and all of that is unbacked paper!

Anonymous said...

What is the problem with this quote?

The President and the administration did well - they didn`t give the old regime any ammunition to call this an outsider led revolution. They gave encouragement to get Murbarak out - hence the difference in just 48 hours between his TV appearance being defiant and him going.

I understand Mike not supporting Obama on most things, but come on don`t snipe just for the sake of it.