Monday, April 25, 2011

How to succeed in economics

This is from the NY Magazine Krugman profile recommended by LeBron:

In December, Krugman and five other liberal economic thinkers (Joseph Stiglitz, Robert Reich, Jeffrey Sachs, Alan Blinder, and Larry Mishel) were invited to the Oval Office for a 90-minute off-the-record audience with the president. It was a month after the midterms, and many progressives were worried that even the modified liberalism of the administration’s first two years would dissolve in a new spirit of conciliation with the ascendant right. The economists present understood the meeting, one of them says, as the moment when Obama “talked to the left."

The economists sat ringing Obama: two Nobelists, a former Labor secretary, and a former vice-chairman of the Fed. Not a Gentile among them, Krugman noticed, but an amazingly high proportion of beards.

You have the blueprint, people, what you do with it is up to you!


Shawn said...

If you go with the beard, you'll score with O, but get less o's:

What women dig, facial-hair edition.

And by "o's," I'm referring to: This one.

Tom said...

They really used the word "audience" to mean meeting?! It's been a long while since we thought there would be no royalty in America.