Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who is more clutch?

Kevin Durant, or Mungowitz?

Sure KD scored 41 points, 16 in the 4th quarter, and all of the Thunder's final 9 points to beat Denver 100-97 and move OKC to the second round of the NBA playoffs.

He was incredibly clutch.

But Mungo did this.

Only thing he coulda done better is to have gone Rooster Cogburn for us.


Mungowitz said...

well, thanks!

But the first two takes I actually said "Lord Hayek! Wow!"

John P let me do about 50 takes, and people were yelling at him to give up. But he pressed on.

KD is a first take guy. No redos.

Still, the laugh at the end.... I'm pretty proud.

11111 said...

Was this made for me? I has to be! I love hip-hop and hayek. And holy sh*t the production quality of this music video rocks my socks off. Well done!

piefarmer said...

I literally couldn't finish the video without rewinding to the Mungo portions. Fantastic job sir.

Warren said...

I'm glad to see Bob Higgs getting a tacit shout out on "Wartime Prosperity?"

Speedmaster said...

LOVED it! And I gotta ask, around the 48s mark when you called on the radio, was that Dr. Russ Roberts's voice on the other end?! ;-)

Norman said...

Mungowitz officially makes the creepiest security guard ever. HOLY CRAP PUT THE GLOVE AWAY!

Martin said...

Nice one. Congrats!

However, I like the music of the first part better. It has energy. Could we combine the security guard part with "Fear the Boom and Bust"?

Now, Mike, what did you find with that glove? Could you bring it to the Berg or wouldn't they let you import it to the EU?

Pelsmin said...

60-second-preview says "It's Hayek-larious!"
Too bad your guard couldn't do the cavity search on Keynes. You might have found Christina Romer's head.

Mungowitz said...

Russ denies that that is his voice (though I have not asked him directly).

And, Martin, looking forward to seeing you soon. Just over a month, my friend!

Steve said...


You look a little too gleeful when you pop on that glove. I laughed so hard I nearly pissed my pants.

On other thing, if Speilberg call's don't take the call, man. I'm afraid Hollywood would ruin you (although a run for governor didn't seem to do too much damage).


Anonymous said...

Hell yes, that's Russ's voice. It's unmistakable. My finely tinned ear can recognize it from nearly five years worth of EconTalk downloads & plays.