Friday, October 14, 2011

Good Grief: What does Obama have against Lee Myung-bak?

The South Korean president is here to celebrate the US-Korea FTA signing. Here is what our President has planned for him:

"Obama on Friday will then take Lee for a road trip to Detroit, home of the U.S. auto industry."

Let's break this sentence down, Tosh.O style:

1. A "road trip"? Are they DRIVING FROM DC to DETROIT? Who's paying for gas? If they use an electric car, how many days will that take?

2. Where, upon arrival, UAW officials will bury Lee under a parking lot, Jimmy Hoffa style?

3. Maybe President Lee has a thing for vacant lots or $11,000 houses?

4. Umm, Mr. President, I don't think Detroit is actually the Home of the US Auto industry anymore. Are you going to use a time machine and take him to Detroit in 1966?

Plenty of room in the comments for more!


Anonymous said...

I liked this one:

The two leaders also coordinated strategy to pressure North Korea to abandon its nuclear ambitions, saying Pyongyang had a stark choice to make. But they stopped short of offering any new ideas for re-engaging with the isolated communist state.

Well, what exactly did they coordinate on, then? Was it just an awkward man hug and "I love you, man!" ?

John Thacker said...

Also, you missed the part where we're serving a bunch of Japanese-inspired food to him.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Lee made the request to see Detroit. If you had a chance to see the last Do-Do bird before it went extinct, wouldn't you want to go?

Michael said...

If this is a road trip, will they be singing "Don't Stop Believing" together at some point? Viral video in the making...

Jon P said...

If it isn't a road trip, Air Force One is going to at least fly really low.

Dell said...

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