Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Illegal Advising

A Jewish professor was advising a student. He told her she might not like the course taught by famously anti-Semitic Columbia Prof. Massad. And Prof. Massad is, indeed, pretty famous.

And, now, the professor who gave advice is under investigation, by the U.S. Government! for "steering," like when a real estate agent tells an ethnic couple they might be more comfortable in their own ethnic neighborhood.

An actual investigation by the DofEd Office for Civil Rights. Because he gave her ADVICE. I give students advice all the time. Am I going to be recorded, and have my advice checked by the Feds? Like when I say, "Don't take ____'s course, he's not very good, I will run afoul of the anti-mediocritism laws? "You are a mediocritist! You discriminate against mediocre people! Bad! Bad!"

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Miracle Max said...

I know something about anti-semitism. I looked at some of the links and found nothing attesting to Prof Massad's anti-semitism. FrontPage lies a lot. And they are no friend of libertarians either.