Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I'm Too Sexy To Donate Kidneys, Too Sexy to ....

Wow. As it if isn't hard enough to find organ donors...new rules: you can't have had more than two sexual partners in the past year. (Anonyman, you should be okay, even though you are ambidextrous. Left and right hands don't count as two!). Excerpt:

“With the new guidelines, every college student in America will be high risk,” said Dr. Harry Dorn-Arias, a transplant surgeon at the University of Virginia. “Right now, it's probably a prostitute or a guy with a needle in his arm. Next time, it will be just a young guy."

Under the new policy proposed this fall by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, deceased and living donors who were not monogamous in the previous 12 months would be considered at increased risk of transmitting HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C -- even if they had no other risk factors

CDC officials say the proposed guidelines are aimed at making the organ supply safer and preventing accidental transmission of life-threatening infections. The policies wouldn’t absolutely ban anyone from donating, especially in an exceptional or life-saving situation, but they would call for more scrutiny and testing.


Eric said...

Like anyone ever tells the truth when asked how many sexual partners they had. They ought have a formula to make up for this. I usually triple the number that a female will say she had sex with and cut in half the number a male will boast.

Hasdrubal said...

Why not just test?

And, is this a solution in search of a problem? How many transplants result in disease transmission as well?