Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Property-is-Theft Movement All Sad: They Took Our Property!

Can't seem to get off the "stete=force" meme, sorry.

But it turns out that the "Property is Theft!" folks had a nice little set up, with books and some land. The state came and destroyed it all. Not long after having passed a "feel good" resolution supporting the movement.

Ah, frail principles, thy name is government.

The irony of having the "Property is Theft" folks be mad at the government for failing to protect their property, which they had stolen in the first place... priceless.


Anonymous said...

stete=force meme?

Tom said...

To be fair, most of the "property is theft" crowd are referring to their distaste for anyone having a right to exclusive use of LAND. Their position still doesn't make sense to me, but they are not actively trying to confiscate my toothbrush.