Saturday, March 31, 2012

El Chalan

Eugenio insisted we try another comida peruana place last night, and who am I to argue. Went to El Chalan. Interestingly, somewhat mixed reviews, though the problem seems mainly to be the prices (which were a little high, I agree).

My food experience was NOT mixed. Started with some cebiche pulpo (octopus). Really, really, really good.

Then, to the disgust of Juan Pablo and Eugenio, I ordered the "Anticuchos de Corazon," or grilled skewered beef heart. Came with a nice vinegary onion salad on the side, and I ordered yuccas fritas for guarniciones. Major victory, on los corazones. Truly, truly excellent. I even convinced both JP and Eugenio to try it, and they admitted it was just fine. Spicy, not too tough: muy rico. I'm not sure I can explain how much of a win it was to get JP to taste a cow's heart. He's not all that adventurous.

A recipe for Anticuchos de Corazon, if you feel like trying it. I think I will.

Heading over to Eugenio's house today, for an asado. Going to try grilling pulpo. A long shot, frankly. More likely to get octopus chewing gum than something edible.

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